Photo: Jan Gustafsson/SWEDINT

SWEDINT offers a top of the line environment for successful education and training, hosted by The Swedish Life Guards Regiment in Kungsängen, outside Stockholm. Here you will find lecture and syndicate rooms, amphitheatres, virtual reality exercise rooms, a broadcasting studio, student lounge, gym, student hotel and dining hall in a setting designed and built for the purpose.

Parts of the year can be a bit chilly and dark (Latitude 59.4812607” N) but we compensate for the sometimes gloomy weather with our friendly and dedicated staff to make sure that you leave us having had a good and purposeful time here and, most importantly, the education that you came for.



LG matsal
Dining Hall

Course participants will have their lunch and dinner in the Officers’ Dining Hall, a two-minute walk from SWEDINT.

Lecture Rooms and Student Lounge

At SWEDINT there are a number of different lecture rooms, from large amphitheatre-style rooms to smaller classrooms and syndicate rooms for group work. There is also a student lounge, where course participants can relax over a coffee or tea in between lectures.

Elevhotellet, Livgardet.
Student Hotel

Course participants at SWEDINT will stay at the Life Guards Student Hotel situated close to the SWEDINT building.

Swedint studio
Broadcasting studio

The broadcasting studio is a new addition to SWEDINT and it allows us to offer distributed, interactive courses and lectures to an audience anywhere in the world. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic limiting the number of courses that can be held on our premises, the distributed courses gives officers and civilians a possibility to still access select courses from the SWEDINT menu.

Swedint VRX-facility
Virtual Reality (VRX) Facility

In our staff training courses at SWEDINT we use the simulator to visualise lessons learned or injects to a larger scenario, to get the same picture of situations and to practice decision-making.