Transparency, performance and accountability are our watchwords, and our Code of Conduct reflects these.

Our Values

We are frequently faced with ethical dilemmas for which there may be no specific rules or guidance. In such cases, it is particularly important to have a solid ethical foundation on which to rely. We believe in everything we do, and conduct ourselves according to our values. All members of the Swedish Armed Forces have an obligation to challenge or intervene when they see our Code of Conduct being violated.

We take responsibility for our actions

We are loyal and conduct our missions as ordered; we are responsible, we are economical with our resources, and we learn from experience.

Diversity as an asset

We actively apply our different skills and knowledge to solve challenges. We actively reject discrimination, harassment and criminal activity, such as corruption, sex trafficking and abuse, in all its forms. We do not abuse our position of power, either professionally or in other relationships.

Working together to achieve more

Transparency and co-operation make us better, stronger and more effective. We also work with others outside our organisation to achieve success.

We are safety conscious

We operate in a variety of high-risk environments where lives are frequently at stake. We are therefore highly safety conscious, although we remain focused on fulfilling our missions.

The importance of physical and mental health

We care about our physical and mental health and thereby the success of our mission. We work proactively against all forms of illegal drugs, and use alcohol, nicotine or other legal drugs responsibly.