The purpose of the course is to prepare the participant for a role as an international police peacekeeper in a peacekeeping operation or equivalent so they can work effectively with the outlined objectives according to a United Nations Security Council Resolutions mandate/European Union Joint action or OSCE action plan.
This is a generic preparatory training with the wider perspective of international peace and security in relation to policing, and specifically, how you in your role and task as a competent police peacekeeper can support reformation of the local police in a fragile state and/or a state in a post-conflict environment. Hence, this training will not focus on mission specific issues such as mission specific practical- or security aspects of the work.

The course is directed by the Swedish Police , Division of International Affairs and conducted in co-operation with SWEDINT.

For further information and application, please contact the Swedish Police, Division of International Affairs:

Course Curriculum


19 February - 2 March 2018
27 August - 7 September 2018
24 September - 5 October 2018