The primary role of the Intelligence and Security services is to evaluate, prevent and repel threats to Sweden and Swedish interests. They examine adversaries’ intentions, and the ever-changing and developing situation in the world.

Through advice, training and review, the services ensure that possible threats – in Sweden and internationally – are understood accurately, that standards and rules are followed, and that all personnel maintain the appropriate levels of security.

The Intelligence Service

The Intelligence Service collects and processes information and then informs the relevant people. This information relates to areas such as global political developments, and external threats to Sweden and Swedish interests. With the help of such information, the service seeks to predict what steps an adversary may take, in order to prepare a military response accordingly. The service also uses open sources such as media outlets and websites to build a picture of global trends.

The Security Service

The task of the Security Service is to prepare and protect the Armed Forces from security threats. It works pre-emptively to assess security threats, and to shape and take security measures if necessary. The service follows up and counters different types of threats; the most common threats emanate from the work of foreign intelligence services, organised crime, subversion, sabotage and terrorism.

The Intelligence and Security services is subordinate to the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST). Training of intelligence and security personnel is conducted, in part, at the Armed Forces' Intelligence and Security Centre.