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Michael Claesson blir ny ÖB.
Lieutenant General Michael Claesson to Become New Chief of Defence This Autumn 7 June 20244:43 PM

The government today appointed Lieutenant General Michael Claesson to succeed Micael Bydén as Chief of Defence when Bydén steps down from his position on the last day of September this year.

Veterandagen 2023 på Gärdet i Stockholm. Restare.
War veterans from the war in the former republic of Yugoslavia to be honoured on 29 May 28 May 20242:52 PM

On Wednesday 29 May, Sweden will honour all who have served in international missions on behalf of Sweden. This year’s Veterans Day will be held at the National Maritime Museum in Stockholm. It will...

DSACEUR på besök
Sweden's role in the alliance discussed with NATO’s Deputy SACEUR 3 May 20243:04 PM

On 2 and 3 May, Swedish Armed Forces’ Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Michael Claesson, held roundtable talks with Admiral Sir Keith Blount, NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe...

Avtal har signerats.
Sweden and the United States deepens the partnership in cyber defense 15 April 202410:06 AM

Swedish Armed Forces and U.S European Command (USEUCOM) have signed a bilateral Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding a framework for an advanced cyber partnership. For Swedish Armed Forces the partnership...

Överflygning av Gripenplan i formation vid flaggstänger
Official flag ceremony at Karlberg Castle 19 March 20242:58 PM

On Monday, March 18th, The Chief of Defence of the Swedish Armed Forces, general Micael Bydén hosted a flag ceremony at Karlberg Castle in the presence of His Majesty the King, to manifest Sweden's...

ÖB Micael Bydén i grön uniform på kajkant med vatten i bakgrunden
Sweden is a member of NATO 7 March 20247:19 PM

Sweden is now a member of NATO. The Chief of Defence of the Swedish Armed Forces, General Micael Bydén, has made the following statement.

bomber task force
US bombers over central Stockholm and Uppsala 6 March 20241:08 PM

The Swedish Armed Forces will conduct a joint exercise with the US Bomber Task Force on Wednesday, March 6. The aircraft, a B-1B Lancer and a B-52 Stratofortress escorted by Swedish Jas 39 Gripen...

Winter Sun 2024 continues with undiminished strength
Winter Sun 2024 continues with undiminished strength 28 February 202410:51 AM

Winter Sun encompasses about 2,000 participants from Revingehed in Skåne to Boden in the north. Throughout the week, the participating units have continued to develop their ability to operate in...

Fyra personer framför en Archer.
Partnership in support of Ukraine 16 February 202411:32 AM

Less than a year ago, the Swedish government presented a strategic partnership between Sweden and the United Kingdom in support of Ukraine. The partnership was further strengthened when the British...

Dag 2 av CR 22 genomförs övningens första flygpass i ett soligt och vindstilla snötäckt landskap.
The Swedish Armed Forces participates in NATO exercise 24 January 202411:35 AM

During the spring, Sweden participate in NATO's major exercise, Steadfast Defender 24. It is the largest NATO exercise since the Cold War. All 31 NATO member countries are involved, totalling...