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C17 lastas i Mali
First materiel transport from Mali has arrived in Sweden 27 January 202312:57 PM

The Mali 17 unit is working hard to decommission the Swedish contribution to the UN mission Minusma.

PFAS-free extinguishing medium boosts the environmental efforts of the Swedish Armed Forces 20 January 20233:06 PM

In 2023, the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) will receive new fire and rescue vehicles as well as PFAS-free extinguishing agent for the activities of the Swedish Air Forces. Distribution of the new fire...

General Carl-Johan Edström tillsammans med den danske generalen H.W Hyldgard
Increased military cooperation in the Baltic Sea region 19 January 20234:19 PM

During a meeting between the Danish and Swedish Chiefs of Joint Operations, Major General Michael Hyldgaard and Lieutenant General Carl-Johan Edström, plans were made for increased operational...

öb i sälen
Supreme Commander comments on the serious security situation 10 January 202311:50 AM

On 9 January, Swedish Supreme Commander gave a speech at the Society and Defence National Conference. He presented his views on Russia's offensive war against Ukraine, the pending Nato membership and...

Russia still the greatest threat to Sweden, the Long-Term Defence Outlook concludes
Russia still the greatest threat to Sweden, the Long-Term Defence Outlook concludes 14 December 202212:17 PM

The rapid technnology development will continue and more remote-controlled, long-distance weapon systems will be realised. That is some of the conclusions of the Long-Term Defence Outlook 2022. Russia...

Mia Nilsson
New bespoke body armour for women 12 December 20222:02 PM

Ill-fitting body armour has been a problem for many years, especially for women. But now this is going to change. As of June 2023, the new custom-made body armour for women (23 D) will be distributed...

Det smäller på Tåme skjutfält! Värnpliktiga och anställda soldater i den pågående grundläggande vagnsutbildningen, GVU, genomför sin första skarpskjutningsvecka.
Exercise in Gotland sharpens defence capability 9 December 202212:06 PM

From 21 November to 7 December an exercise was conducted in Gotland. The purpose of the exercise was to enhance the Swedish Armed Forces’ capability of countering an armed attack from a skilled...

Invigning Bergslagens artilleriregemente, A 9
Bergslagen Artillery Regiment is re-established 7 December 202212:44 PM

“I hereby declare the Bergslagen Artillery Regiment, A 9, re-established”. With these words, H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip inaugurated the Artillery Regiment, in front of a packed auditorium in...

Sista operationen Mali 16
Sweden's final UN operation in Mali is concluded 18 November 20223:06 PM

In mid-November, the Swedish Mali Force conducted its final operation within the framework of the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) contribution to the UN Mali mission that began in 2014.

Sverigebilder från Västernorrland
Two individuals charged with espionage 11 November 202212:00 PM

On Friday 11 November 2022, the Public Prosecutor brought charges against two individuals apprehended by the Swedish Security Service in autumn 2021. The individuals are suspected of espionage. One...