Support for film and television productions

The Swedish Armed Forces sees great value in documenting and presenting its activities and is positive to supporting film and television productions.

20080316 N'Djamena, Tchad

Det svenska EU-förbandet TD01 väcker stort medialt intresse. Under söndagen följde franska TV24 och den belgiska försvarsmaktens informationsavdelning en grupp under en fotpatrull i närheten av Camp Europa i Tchads huvudstad N'Djamena.

Foto: Marcus Olsson/Combat Camera
Photo: Marcus Åhlén/Swedish Armed Forces

We take care to ensure that our participation is always from a perspective that aims to provide the fairest and most accurate representation possible of the Armed Forces and does not conflict with our values.

For reasons of credibility, we never pay for our participation. For reasons of competition, the Armed Forces cannot undertake the assignment if the requested support can be provided by someone else, for example in the case of props or extras. Requests for film assignments and other productions are passed through the media and information centre for an initial approval. 

Send your request to and to, including answers to the following questions, and we will respond within three weeks.

1. Synopsis of the production, with dates and times and, if applicable, resource usage
2. Description of production company