The Air Force organises and trains airborne, airbase, and command and control units. In co-ordination with the Army and the Navy, Air Force units conduct domestic and international operations together with other nations, organisations and government agencies. The Air Force's military units are geared towards national and international missions. They should be prepared to take part in military operations outside Sweden, and the Air Force contributes to such missions with personnel and materiel.

Air Force units

Fighter aircraft units are able to carry out operations against targets on the ground, in the air and over water, with extreme precision and a high degree of flexibility and force. These units also conduct intelligence gathering, and are on constant standby to defend Sweden's territorial integrity.

Transport aircraft units perform airlift operations, and are used for example in national and international humanitarian missions.

Signals reconnaissance units conduct electronic combat reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

Radar surveillance units are used primarily to improve data obtained from ground-based and naval sensors.

Helicopter units carry out national and international ground-based and naval operations.

Base units support fighter aircraft units, and run and maintain airbases.

Command and Control units' primary task is to produce and distribute authorised reports on current airspace status, and to command airborne units, (fighter command).