NATO runs courses for Operational Planning, CJOC management and Operations Assessment but not the critical bridging activity of joint synchronisation – the process of translating Plans into Orders and subsequent execution so that joint effects are delivered in time and space using lethal and non-lethal means effectively through synchronised activity and progress measured.

As a NATO-Accredited Partner Training and Education Centre (PTEC), the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT) has bridged this synchronisation gap through its 2018-19 successful delivery of several NATO Joint Synchronisation Workshops (JSWS) for the OF3 and OF4 audience.

As part of SWEDINTs spiral development of addressing synchronisation, the JSWS evolved into a NATO LISTED Joint Synchronisation Course (JSC) in 2020.

Presently, the JSC is offered to two distinct target groups: OF3-OF4 practitioners and OF5-OF6 Chairs of Boards/Working Groups from NATO Nations and the selected NATO Partner Nations of Australia, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden, working at the Operational level and engaged in joint synchronisation activities; consideration will be given to OF7 in the DCOS Ops role at JFCs too.

To apply, contact the Course Director directly, not SWEDINT. An early application is highly recommended as demand for both activities is expected to be high.

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Free of charge