Co-operation with other countries is another important aspect of Swedish defence policy, and as such, Sweden is an active contributor to UN-, EU- and NATO-led missions.

The Armed Forces in Sweden

The Swedish Armed Forces' principal task is to defend Sweden. We conduct exercises and missions on land, at sea and in the air, day and night, all year round. Sweden's Armed Forces must be ready to respond as and when they are required. We protect Sweden's borders, and repel those who violate them. We also stand ready to provide support during national emergencies such as forest fires, storms and flooding; and help search for missing persons.

An active, global presence

The Swedish Armed Forces serve on multinational missions all over the world. Up to 400 Swedish servicemen and women are stationed in countries affected by war and conflict at any one time. Our role on these missions is to support peace and security – a task defined by the Swedish Parliament and government.

Sweden seeks to actively contribute to peacekeeping missions, and acts to prevent unrest and conflict in one country or region from spreading. A policy designed to also reduce the risk of conflict putting Sweden itself under threat. Sweden works closely with other EU member states on defence and security; it often supports UN-sanctioned missions, and actively contributes to NATO-led initiatives.