Cooperation with other countries is another key aspect of Swedish defence policy. Sweden is an active contributor to various missions led by the UN, EU and NATO.

The Swedish Armed Forces

The first role of the Swedish Armed Forces is to defend the nation. We conduct exercises and missions on land, at sea and in the air, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Swedish Armed Forces is always ready to serve. We protect Sweden's borders, and repel those who violate them. We are also prepared to provide assistance to society in the event of a large-scale emergency, such as a forest fire, storm or flood; and assist in searching for missing people.

An active, global presence

The Swedish Armed Forces serves on multinational missions all over the world. Some 400 Swedish servicemen and women are stationed in countries affected by war and conflict. Our role on these missions is to support peace and security – a task defined by the Swedish Parliament and government.

Sweden actively contributes to peacekeeping missions, and acts to prevent unrest and conflict in a country or region from spreading. This policy is designed to reduce the risk of a conflict spilling over and to pose a threat to Sweden. Sweden works closely with other EU member states on issues of defence and security; often supports UN-sanctioned missions, and actively contributes to NATO-led initiatives.