1st Marine Regiment (Amf 1)

The 1st Marine Regiment forms a vital link between Sweden's naval and army forces.

1st Submarine Flotilla

Swedish submarines’ sophisticated equipment, and their ability to travel undetected, makes them a unique resource for the Swedish Armed Forces.

4th Naval Warfare Flotilla

The 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla is tasked with a variety of roles including mine sweeping, submarine hunting and naval and airspace surveillance.

Air Combat Training School (LSS)

The Air Combat Training School is the Air Force’s joint centre of excellence for development and training.

Air Defence Regiment (Lv 6)

The capacity to monitor airspace, detect threats and repel such threats with ground-to-air missiles are the Air Defence Regiment’s key...

Armed Forces Centre for Defence Medicine (FömedC)

The preservation of human dignity lies at the heart of the work of the Armed Forces Centre for Defence Medicine.

Armed Forces Command and Control Regiment (LedR)

Wherever the Armed Forces are active – on land, at sea, or in the air – the Command and Control Regiment plays a vital support role.

Armed Forces Communication and Information Systems Command

Communication has always been important for the military, but it has never placed such demanding requirements in terms of technical competence as it...

Armed Forces Helicopter Wing

The Armed Forces’ helicopter fleet provides Sweden with a vital degree of mobility and flexibility – a valuable resource in rescue, transport and...

Armed Forces Human Resources Centre

The Armed Forces Human Resources Centre, (FM HRC), provides Swedish Armed Forces commanders and other members of the service with HR support in a...

Armed Forces Intelligence and Security Centre (FMUNDSÄKC)

The Armed Forces Intelligence and Security Centre, (FMUNDSÄKC), is a joint function and competence centre.

Armed Forces Logistics (FMLOG)

A fully functioning logistics service is critical for Armed Forces units to complete their missions, making the role of Armed Forces Logistics,...

Armed Forces Technical School (FMTS)

Well-functioning equipment is key to an effective national defence, especially during international missions. The Armed Forces Technical School,...

Artillery Regiment (A 9)

The Artillery Regiment is responsible for the Swedish Armed Forces' capacity to deliver indirect fire support.

Blekinge Wing (F 17)

With a number of JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft on permanent alert, the Blekinge Wing plays a critical role in protecting Swedish airspace and...

Göta Engineers (Ing 2)

Göta Engineers is responsible for two engineering battalions and a Home Guard battalion, all of which are part of the Swedish Armed Forces’...

Gotland regiment (P 18)

Several important efforts have been made to strengthen the military and civil defense on Gotland since 2016 and on January 1, 2018, the first parts of...

Land Warfare Centre

The centre serves as a hub for the combined expertise of the entire Army to develop capabilities and train individuals and response units in armed...

Life Guard Regiment

The Life Guards Regiment is the Swedish Armed Forces' largest unit, and is tasked with a large number of diverse responsibilities running from...

Life Regiment Hussars (K 3)

The Life Regiment Hussars trains units that are fast, mobile and powerful – and ready for national and international missions at short notice.

Logistic Regiment (TrängR)

The Logistic Regiment plays a vital role in the Armed Forces, ensuring that combat units receive the support they need to carry out their duties in...

Military Academy Halmstad

The Military Academy in Halmstad specialises in a number of courses designed to create a common understanding for the Armed Forces’ various tasks and...

Military Academy Karlberg

Karlberg has a long history as a military training centre, dating back to the 1700s. Today, the Military Academy Karlberg is a vibrant academic hub,...

National CBRN Defence Centre (SkyddC)

The national CBRN Defence Centre is the Swedish Armed Forces’ knowledge centre for protection against chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear...

National Home Guard Combat School (HVSS)

The National Home Guard Combat School’s primary roles are training, co-ordination and development, combining skills from across the Armed Forces.

Naval Base

Naval Base personnel maintain a constant and comprehensive watch over Sweden’s territorial waters.

Naval Warfare Centre

Based in Karlskrona, southern Sweden, the Naval Warfare Centre is responsible for the majority of all naval training in the Swedish Armed Forces.

Norrbotten Regiment (I 19)

The Norrbotten Regiment – one of Sweden’s largest – is equipped with powerful armoured vehicles and fast, highly mobile rangers.

Norrbotten Wing (F 21)

The Norrbotten Wing has one of the world’s largest flight training areas at its disposal, where Swedish and foreign air forces regularly conduct...

Skaraborg Regiment (P 4)

The Skaraborg regiment trains, produces and develops combat units for ground operations that serve on missions in Sweden and abroad.

Skaraborg Wing (F 7)

All Gripen pilots – including those serving with foreign air forces – are trained at the Skaraborg Wing, which is also a hub for Sweden’s military...

South Skåne Regiment (P 7)

The South Skåne regiment trains soldiers in armoured vehicle ground combat.

Special Operations Task Group (SOG)

The Special Operations Task Group is a core unit of the Sweden’s special forces, providing unique and unconventional capabilities to achieve strategic...

Swedish EOD and Demining Centre-Swedec

SWEDEC contributes to increased safety and efficiency by delivering high-quality, accurate information and training. SWEDEC provides both technical...

Third Naval Warfare Flotilla

The Third Naval Warfare Flotilla is a rapid reaction unit able to conduct missions on or under water.