The 3 days tactical level GFP course (DoK 200) aims to enable personnel to perform successfully as a GFP within tactical organizations. The course provides the students with the GENAD Advisory Structure and the knowledge of how their role as a GFP contributes to larger organisational efforts to institutionalize the application of gender perspectives in all activities. Course emphasis is on enabling the GFP to support their chain of command or functional area in mainstreaming gender perspectives within their own area of responsibility. The course has been divided between strategic/operational (CMDR COE) and tactical (NCGM) levels to facilitate discussions relevant in those areas.

The tactical level GFP course is intended for military and civilian personnel who have solid experience within their own occupational field, appointed or selected for a GFP position within NATO Command Structure/NATO Force Structure, national or international structures on tactical level.

To be eligible to attend the GFP course, nominees must fulfil the following criteria:

•             Personnel who are/will be posted or deployed as GFPs.

•             Rank level OR-6 up to OF-4 and/or civilian equivalents.

 After completion of the NATO tactical level GFP course students will be able to:

•             Facilitate the chain of commands’ implementation of gender perspectives;

•             Support co-operation with relevant internal and external stakeholders to their chain of command; and

•             Support the monitoring and reporting of gender integration within their chain of commands’ area of responsibility.