The Armed Forces Air Venture 2024

The 24 August is the Armed Forces Air Venture 2024, hosted by Ronneby Air Wing this year. You are welcome to spend the day with the Armed Forces and the civilian defence.

Jas 39 gripen under uppvisningsträning
Jas 39 gripen under uppvisningsträning
Jas 39 Gripen during a display. Photo: Jörgen Nilsson
Jas 39 Gripen, J 29 Tunnan, SK 60, J 35 Draken, AJS 37 Viggen flyger i formation
The Jas 39 Gripen, J 29 Tunnan, SK 60, J 35 Draken, and AJS 37 Viggen fly in formation during the 2019 Air Show. Photo: Jonas Holmberg/Swedish Armed Forces
Marinens dykare under Flygdag 2019
The fishpond with a diver was a big hit with the kids. From the 2019 Air Show. Photo: Carolina Nilsson/Swedish Armed Forces
Jas Gripen E Flygdag 2019
The Jas 39 Gripen E made its first public appearance at the Ronneby Air Show in 2019. Photo: Kristoffer Olofsson/Swedish Armed Forces

Come and see air shows and ground exhibitions and displays and learn about the work that is being done to defend Swedish airspace from violations and to protect your freedom to live the way you choose. You will be able to meet and greet our pilots, officers, soldiers and other personnel and have a close look at our joint defence efforts.

Come and enjoy a day with exciting activities and events.


Air shows with military, civilian and veteran aircraft are on the agenda. There will also be a demonstration of a tactical feature with aircraft, helicopters and soldiers, with the purpose of showing how these can be used together.

You will find the programme here

Accreditation of international plane spotters

Due to a large interest among journalists and spotters in obtaining a spotter seat in the bleachers, we have had to close the application window earlier than the set date. You are very welcome to visit the Air Venture and take photographs in the spectator areas, but we are unable to offer any additional seats in the bleachers at this point.