The Navy organises and trains naval and amphibious units. In co-ordination with the Air Force and the Army, Navy units conduct domestic and international operations together with other nations, organisations and government agencies.

Military units

The Navy's military units are geared towards national and international missions. They should be prepared to take part in military operations outside Sweden, and the Navy contributes to such missions with personnel and materiel. A number of naval units are assigned to international force registers.

Examples of equipment

Surveillance vessels
Fast Attack Craft
Combat vessels
Support vessels
Submarine rescue vessels

Navy units

Naval warfare flotillas have the capacity to conduct military operations against targets on, above and under water, in coastal waters and out at sea. These units also conduct mine clearing as well as control of sea areas, and protect merchant and fishing vessels.

The submarine flotilla has the ability to conduct military operations against targets on and beneath the water surface. It is also able to control sea areas while hidden, and perform intelligence gathering.

The marine battalion is able to control coastal and archipelago areas, as well as conduct military operations against targets on and under the sea surface.

The service's Naval Base, incorporating the Base Battalion, the Equipment Battalion, the Logistics Company and the Naval Intelligence Battalion, monitors Swedish territorial waters and supports other units.

Command and Control units lead the combined forces of the various naval units.