Övlt Olov Kesselmark
Övlt Olov Kesselmark
Lieutenant Colonel Olov Kesselmark, Commandant NCGM Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) is a hub of knowledge on gender in military operations, guided by a Steering Committee and co-located at the Swedish Armed Forces International Training Centre.

Modern conflicts are changing rapidly and security forces experience a considerable challenge trying to assist in building a secure and democratic state, founded on sustainable peace. The establishment of NCGM in 2012 was the result of increased efforts by the Nordic countries in implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions on Women, Peace and Security into military peace support operations.

To have a gender perspective is to be able to detect if, when, and how, women, men, girls and boys are being affected differently by a situation or operation. NCGM assists the military in integrating gender perspectives into the planning, execution and evaluation phases of operations through education and training, integrating gender into military exercises, cooperation through a network of key experts and institutions and by providing advice to policy and process development. NCGM collaborates closely with the Nordic countries, NATO, United Nations, European Union, other organisations and military training centres all around the world.

In February 2013 NCGM was appointed as NATO’s Department Head concerning gender. In this capacity NCGM translates NATO’s operational requirements into NATO’s education and training programme, supports NATO Nations and Partners with a pool of Subject Matter Experts at Education and Training events, including exercises. Additionally, NCGM conducts its own accredited courses and seminars, both in-house and as Mobile Educations and Training Teams.

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