Mission and Vision Statements

In this section we describe the overarching mission and vision of the Swedish Armed Forces, and the key elements that underpin them.

Our Mission

Defending our way of life

We defend Sweden and the country's interests, our freedom and the right to live the way of our choice.

Our Vision

A stronger defence - responding to every threat, facing every challenge.

Key elements of our mission and vision


Deterrence lies at the core of an effective defence, one that rises to all threats and overcomes all challenges. Military deterrence is designed to deter potential attackers, and force them to carefully consider the risks of attacking our country.

For a deterrent to be effective, it needs to be credible and visible. Through frequent and extensive training, especially with other defence forces, we strengthen our deterrence effect and make it more credible.
Allied to political, diplomatic and economic means, our deterrent must prevent and discourage others from attacking Sweden, our integrity and our interests. Violation of Swedish territory must be swiftly detected and repelled.

Ultimately, our military deterrent depends on our ability to wage armed conflict with military units that have the relevant skills, warfare capabilities and high degree of availability.


Sweden's military units should be well manned, well equipped and well trained to enable an effective and rapid response to any attack.

Furthermore, exercises involving the mobilisation of larger units, and in co-ordination with other defence forces, should be conducted on a continuous basis.

Availability is determined by continuously maintaining the relevant capabilities in today's rapidly changing, complex and unpredictable political and security environment. A key condition for the Armed Forces to be readily available is our capacity to attract, recruit, develop and retain people with the relevant skill sets.


Co-operation and collaboration with others – nationally and internationally – reinforces our overall ability to deter attack. Together with other countries' defence forces, and international organisations, Swedish military units regularly conduct exercises and military operations in Sweden and abroad.

Sweden's Armed Forces also work closely with other Swedish authorities and agencies, and the civilian population, to strengthen and protect critical societal functions.

Not only do the Armed Forces protect Swedish values, they also mirror society. We are, therefore, a modern, equal and inclusive organisation.


A credible defence force is necessary to conduct and maintain Sweden's security policy. To act credibly is critical for the Armed Forces to earn respect in the outside world, and the trust of the people they serves.
The credibility of the Armed Forces is built on an available, robust deterrence. Credibility builds trust and in the long run is about expectations and results coinciding. Credibility and trust are strengthened when expectations of citizens, the world at large, our employees and volunteers correspond with how we conduct ourselves on a day-to-day basis.