The NCGM Military Gender Analysis Tool

The work to develop a gender analysis tool specifically designed for the military started in the spring of 2020. Addressing identified gaps by our community of interest, the Military Gender Analysis Tool (MGAT) provides a practical tool to increase the understanding of gender perspective in the Engagement Space and highlight the military’s role in addressing the situation. Given the extensive scope and level of responsibilities of military actors, military gender analysis models tend to be generically designed and thus not applicable to specific situations or tasks.

Photo: Jan Gustafsson

The MGAT was developed together with internal and external subject matter experts and is based on an existing military analysis model: the PMESII model. The purpose is to assist Gender Advisors (GENAD) and Gender Focal Points (GFP) with a tool that adds a critical gender lens to an already existing process, making it easier to integrate gender analysis at all stages in military operations. The tool aims to be comprehensive enough to ensure a “whole-of-mission” approach to achieve strategic military objectives, yet be flexible to consider context specific circumstances.

With this first version of the MGAT, NCGM seeks meet the needs of our community. We hope the tool will enhance the knowledge on the significance of gender perspective and are looking forward to receive any input on how to strengthen the application of the MGAT even further. We welcome feedback to NCGM’s functional inbox:

Download the MGAT HERE!