Support for relatives and families

We know that the work carried out by the Swedish Armed Forces does not only affect our employees, but also their family members. Family members often have questions concerning the period before, during and after employment or a posting. Consequently, the Swedish Armed Forces are on hand for our employees and their families. We believe this is important.

Photo: Mattias Hellgren/Swedish Armed Forces

In order to support a family member, we offer contact through special contact persons, information meetings, cooperation with non-profit organisations and information brochures.

Who is a family member?

Quite simply, we see everyone who considers themselves to be a relative to an employee of the Swedish Armed Forces as a family member. They are entitled to benefit from the support we offer. About contact persons There are persons in each unit and organisational units that can answer questions from family members. There are also personnel at the Armed Forces' HR-centre who can provide information on the Armed Forces' family support programme and offer advice and guidance to family members.

Information meetings

The Armed Forces arranges information meetings for family members prior to embarking on international operations. At these meetings, we provide information about the operations area, what will happen there and how serving abroad works. We speak about how serving can affect employees who are abroad and even those who are left at home. We also present the family support services offered by the Armed Forces in the event of a crisis.

Counselling and support from non-profit organisations

The Swedish Armed Forces have agreements with the non-profit organizations: the Swedish Soldiers' Homes Association and Invidzonen. They offer support and counselling to our employees and their relatives.
Brochures and more information

There are several brochures directed to family members, which contain information about how the Armed Forces work with relatives. These brochures are available in Swedish and can be downloaded from our Swedish webpage in the section "Anhöriga och veteraner".