The Home Guard is an integral part of the Armed Forces' operational force, and at some 22,000-strong, accounts for almost half of Armed Forces personnel. The service is on high alert, with mobilisation times measured in hours rather than days or weeks. It is required to support the entire range of defence activities – from civil support in peacetime to armed combat in war.

Home Guard units are contemporary military units, primarily tasked with protecting, monitoring, and supporting society at times of crisis, thereby providing a national and territorial bulwark for the defence and protection of Sweden.

The service is made up of operationally ready units, equipped with advanced and relevant equipment. The Home Guard is being continually improved: its equipment is increasingly advanced, the average age of servicemen and women is falling, and the demands made of it are growing.

New units are being trained with new capabilities. Its intelligence units gather information through reconnaissance and territorial surveillance, and are supported by the Home Guard's airborne units. The Home Guard's naval sections operate the length of Sweden's coast and many islands.

If Sweden was to be hit by a natural disaster, a major accident or other threat to society, the Home Guard is ready to support police, rescue services and others. The service also has CBRN platoons, traffic platoons and engineering units. And the Home Guard's 26 bands provide musical accompaniment to official ceremonies throughout the country.