The Swedish military's logistics units support all its operations. This support takes the form of services such as training, supply of provisions, and all other assets necessary to conduct operations. For military operations, this involves logistical support to ensure that military units have the availability, mobility and resources they need.

Logistics units

The Swedish Armed Forces' three logistics units have a diverse range of tasks that include the development and training of command and control, transport and traffic management capabilities and medical units. These units also provide food, water, fuel, ammunition and medical supplies to units across the armed services, when there are no civilian contractors to carry out this task. The logistics units also support military operations, military units, and military colleges. Other services include IT support, archiving, customs clearance, and the management of transport offices

The Armed Forces Technical School, (FMTS), located in the town of Halmstad in southern Sweden, is one of three logistics units. Here, soldiers, officers, specialist officers and civilians receive technical training for service in all areas of the Armed Forces.