The armed forces of the Nordic countries share a common
approach, making broad cooperation both possible and
preferable. This cooperation is based on the conviction
that there is a lot to be gained through shared experiences,
shared cost, joint solutions and joint actions.

The NORDEFCO structure is a cooperation structure, not a
command structure. Cooperation activities initiated from
top or bottom are facilitated and agreed within in the
structure, but the actual realization and participation in
activities remain national decisions.

Once a cooperation activity is implemented, it will be run
by the regular, existing national chain of command. A
NORDEFCO agreement will decide upon a framework or
lead nation concept for the activity. Examples of this could
be educational cooperation, where responsibility is divided
between the nations or a common exercise plan with a
rotating host nation scheme for major exercises.

The NORDEFCO Peace Support Operations Education &
Training programme is an excellent example of how the
Nordic nations can cooperate. By dividing the responsibility
for the different types of courses, together with sharing
of the nations’ national instructors it was possible to reach
international top-level. This had not been possible if the
nations would have attempted to set-up the courses

The main aim and purpose of the NORDEFCO is to strengthen
the participating nations’ national defence, explore common
synergies and facilitate efficient common solutions.