Steadfast Defender 2024

Sweden is participating in Nato's Steadfast Defender 24 (STDE24) in the spring of 2024, which is an exercise series consisting of several exercises and operations.

Cold Response 2022
Cold Response 2022
Photo: David Carr

Steadfast Defender runs from mid-January to June and is the largest Nato exercise series in decades. It is conducted to clearly demonstrate the alliance's ability to deter adversaries and showcase Nato's capability to reinforce Europe. The exercise involves practicing the movement of troops across the Atlantic from North America to Europe.

All member countries, including Sweden, are participating in the exercise series, with a total of 90,000 soldiers involved.

Part One

Movement of troops from North America to Europe. The exercise scenario is based on the reinforcement occurring during an elevated threat level.

Part Two

Conducted in Europe and consists of 18 national exercises with international participants. The purpose is to demonstrate Nato's ability to lead national capabilities in all domains: air, land, sea, space, and cyber.

Sweden participates in exercises such as Nordic Response (NR24), the maritime exercise Baltops, Immediate Response 24, and Swift Response 24. The Swedish Armed Forces contribute parts of the army, air force, navy, home guard, and joint defense units.

The exercise series is a recurring feature planned to be conducted every three years. The exercise is led and planned by Nato's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Europe.

STDE24 has been planned for many years and is not directed against any specific country.

Read more about Steadfast Defender 2024 on Nato's website.

Now in March, thousands of Swedish soldiers are exercising together with Nato forces in the Nordic region. This is happening within the Norwegian-led exercise Nordic Response 2024. Media inquiries should be directed to the Norwegian Armed Forces. You can find the media contact page here.