Cyber defence

We defend Sweden, offline and online. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

IT försvarsförbandet. FMTM.
IT försvarsförbandet. FMTM.
The cyber defence is maintained by multiple units in the Armed Forces, among them the Cyber Defence Unit. Photo: Jimmy Croona/Swedish Armed Forces

Cyber attacks against computers and servers are increasing all over the world, many such attacks are targeted against Swedish companies as well as government agencies and critical infrastructure. The Swedish Armed Forces monitors and analyses network traffic 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Swedish cyber defence comprises all capabilities as well as offensive and defensive actions that have been taken to defend critical infrastructure. The Armed Forces has the capability to carry out any type of computer network operation (CNO).

Cyber defence is an integral part of all operations and procurement conducted by the Swedish Armed Forces, controlled and managed by the Chief Information Office and the cyber defence department of the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters. Cyber defence operations are performed by several units, as for example the Cyber Defence Unit.

In 2020, a new conscript programme for cyber soldiers will be initiated. The aim of the programme is to reinforce the cyber defence capability as well as to form the basis for long- term preparedness and a skilled and competent workforce.

In order to build up a strong defence of critical IT infrastructure, robust and reliable maintenance procedures must be put in place. The Communication Information Systems Command (SwAF CISCOM) is responsible for maintaining the Swedish Armed Forces’ joint telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

Research and development in the area of cyber defence and information security is also key to ensure that the Swedish Armed Forces is on top of technology developments. Efforts to this effect are taken within the Swedish Armed Forces as well as together with national and international partners.