SWEDINT’s overarching objective is to create best possible circumstances for You, Your team and Your peacekeeping organisation in the field. And we are serious about it – ultimately our business is a matter of life and death.

Photo: Thorsten Hagelberg/SWEDINT

SWEDINT’s emphasis on integration between all actors involved in an international operation is based on the fact that modern conflicts require a comprehensive approach to have any chance of being successful in establishing a sustainable peace. We therefore conduct staff training and education for military, police, correctional and civilian personnel on more than fifty international courses.

One hundred and forty-six nations have sent their military officers, police or civilians to SWEDINT since the turn of the century. They have done so confident that the experience and excellence of our course directors, instructors and support staff will deliver education and training of the highest quality. To date, over 18 000 participants have been trained on our courses, seminars and workshops in preparation for their missions under United Nations, European Union, NATO or African Union command, either in Sweden or by one of our mobile teams in other parts of the world.

Our experience in Peace Support Operations started in the Middle East as early as in 1948 and the first Swedish battalion under the UN flag was deployed 1956 in Gaza, followed by UN Mission ONUC 1960 in Congo. This cooperation in Peace support Operations has often been done with a regional approach. The Defence Cooperation between the Nordic countries (NORDEFCO) when it comes to international courses also includes sharing instructors and conducting courses together.

The nature of modern conflicts is changing rapidly and so are the demands on international missions and Peace Support Operations. Today peacekeepers encounter armed groups, terrorists, organised crime, a contaminated environment, political exploitation and other threats. Tomorrow’s peacekeepers will face even other types of challenges and our mission is to constantly improve the way we are doing business. As reality changes, the one thing that will remain is our commitment to quality education and training – here at SWEDINT or in the field, conducted by our skilled Mobile Education and Training Teams.

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