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Visby och Göteborgh
Release of a new documentary series about the dramatic history of the Swedish Navy 20 April 202211:00 AM

This year marks the 500-year anniversary of the Swedish Navy. On 21 April 2022, the first episode of the documentary series ”500 years of the Navy – Half a Millennium of People, Sea and Conflicts”...

Redo för jägarinsats i Nordnorge. Personal, materiel och snöskotrar landade in under helgen och bataljonen har sedan gjort sig redo för fast och rörlig spaning på djupet samt bekämpning av prioriterade mål bakom fiendens linjer.
Large-scale exercise in the subarctic environment 29 March 202211:44 AM

The ongoing winter exercise in northern Norway, Cold Response, involves 35 000 participants from 28 countries – on land, at sea and in the air. The Swedish Armed Forces participates with units from...

Deltagare i Viking 18
Viking 22 – the world’s largest international computer aided staff exercise 28 March 20221:33 PM

More than 50 nations and 70 civilian organisations are trained in military and civilian cooperation in the computer aided multinational staff exercise Viking 22, which starts on 28 March in the...

More weapons and ammunition as allocations increase
More weapons and ammunition as allocations increase 28 March 202211:45 AM

Allocations to the Swedish Armed Forces have increased by two billion Swedish krona in 2022 and the authorisation for military equipment orders is extended by more than 30 billion Swedish krona. This...

Materielstöd till Ukraina
Sweden’s military materiel support to Ukraine has now been delivered 7 March 20224:08 PM

The military materiel that the Swedish government decided to send to Ukraine has now been delivered.

Russian fighter aircraft violated Swedish airspace
Russian fighter aircraft violated Swedish airspace 2 March 20228:42 PM

On 2 March, four Russian fighter aircraft violated Swedish airspace. The Swedish air force conducted an operation with JAS 39 Gripen aircraft  of the rapid readiness unit, which documented and...

Sweden and Finland in combined joint exercise 2 March 20223:22 PM

On 2 March, Sweden and Finland exercised sea and air target suppression in the area between Nyköping, Visby and Karlskrona. The objective of the exercise is to develop the two countries' capability to...

Marinens fartyg övervakar ständigt det svenska sjöterritoriet. Här bilder från HMS Nyköping från juni 2020.
The Swedish Armed Forces is closely monitoring the unfolding situation in Ukraine 24 February 20221:55 PM

Unfortunately, the grave security policy situation in Europe has deteriorated further following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Swedish Armed Forces is up to date with the current situation, and...

Swedish and US air forces in joint exercise in south Sweden 18 February 20222:32 PM

The Swedish Armed Forces and the US Air Force are currently conducting a joint exercise. On 18 February, Swedish fighters are escorting US B-52 Stratofortress of the Bomber Task Force in the airspace...

The Swedish contribution to Task Force Takuba to be dismantled according to plan 17 February 20222:58 PM

France today announced their withdrawal of troops from Mali. This decision will not affect the Swedish contribution to the French-led Task Force Takuba. The Swedish contingent will be dismantled...