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The news published here are mainly from the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre – SWEDINT. For a complete list of news, please visit the Swedish version of the website.

CMR (2018) - A MUCH NEEDED CONCEPT 19 November 20182:04 PM

At SWEDINT another Civil-Military Relations Course just ended. The CMR course aims to give participants knowledge and understanding of the need for civilian, military and police officers to develop...

Vagnchef från P4 håller ordergivning inför kommande anfall.
Time to take stock of Trident Juncture 18 9 November 20189:26 AM

Trident Juncture is now over, the vehicles have been unloaded, the emergency maintenance of equipment is completed and the Swedish personnel are on their way home to their units for some well-deserved...

20181101 Norge

Visbykorvetterna HMS Nyköping och HMS Karlstad genomför ytövervakning och skydd av amfibiestyrkor som landstiger under övningen Trident Juncture 2018.

The Visby Corvettes HMS NYKOPING and HMS KARLSTAD conduct sea surveillance and protection of amphibious forces during Trident Juncture 2018. 

TRJE 18 är en av Natos största övningar och genomförs huvudsakligen i Norge. Totalt deltar ca 40 000 soldater, 10 000 fordon, 130 flygplan och 70 fartyg. Sverige deltar med 2500 soldater, åtta Jas Gripen och två fartyg av Visbyklass.
Stepping up to the mark 7 November 20188:38 AM

Now that the naval force has spent a week in joint build-up exercises according to a predetermined schedule, it is time to enter the next phase of the Trident Juncture exercise. A phase based on a...

Svensk- finsk pansarvärnsomgång i Älvdalen inför övningen Trident Juncture 18.
Swedish-Finnish cooperation in Norway 1 November 201811:28 AM

Enhanced defence cooperation has been in place since the summer of 2015 following a decision by the governments of Sweden and Finland. An important part of the cooperation is to conduct multinational...

Sergejus Semasko (Litauen), Erno Fazekas (Ungern) och Carina Wiklund (Sverige) diskuterar övningsförutsättningar i stridsledningen på F 21 under övningen Trident Juncture 18.
F 21 provides host nation support in massive NATO exercise 30 October 20181:02 PM

Trident Juncture 2018, the biggest NATO exercise in several decades, is taking place in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. Three American flying units are based at F 21 in Luleå, and the base is...

Fartygen som deltar i övningen TRJE18 genomför eskortövningar och ubåtsjaktövningar.

TRJE 18(Trident Juncture 2018) är en av Natos största övningar och som huvudsakligen genomförs i Norge. Totalt deltar ca 50 000 soldater, 10 000 fordon, 130 flygplan och 70 fartyg. Sverige deltar med 2500 soldater, åtta Jas Gripen och två fartyg av Visbyklass.
In a tight spot in the North Atlantic 29 October 20182:57 PM

The crews of the two Swedish corvettes, HMS Karlstad and HMS Nyköping, ended up in a tight spot in the cold North Atlantic when the Trident Juncture 18 exercise began.

181022 Sju Jas 39 Gripen ombaserade från F 21 i Luleå till Bodö i Norge inför starten av Natoövningen Trident Juncture 18.
Jas 39 Unit – The Air Force’s contribution to Trident Juncture 18 27 October 20188:33 AM

The Trident Juncture 18 exercise has begun. For Sweden’s part, qualified units from all of the combat forces of the Swedish Armed Forces are participating, and the contribution from the Air Force is a...

Den Svenske korvetten K35 Karlstad i Trondheim havn under øvelsen Trident Juncture 2018 i Norge.
The massive exercise is underway 25 October 20183:41 PM

It starts in earnest today in Norway. Trident Juncture 18 is one of NATO’s biggest exercises and Sweden is participating with around 2,200 personnel. A total of more than 50,000 are taking part from...

SWEDINT, Change of command
New Commanding Officer at SWEDINT 12 October 20181:59 PM

On Monday, Colonel Ronnie Nilsson, formally took charge of SWEDINT at a Handover/Takeover ceremony at the centre at the Lifeguards Regiment. The new commanding officer spoke of the challenges that the...

En viktig del av övningen är erfarenhets- och kunskapsutbytet mellan soldater och officerare.
Swedish marines and U.S marines solve a joint operation 31 August 201811:33 AM

Swedish marines and American marines are currently practicing to find common approaches in order to fight in the Swedish archipelago. The exercise Archipelago endeavour 2018 is a part of the letter of...