Partnership in support of Ukraine

Less than a year ago, the Swedish government presented a strategic partnership between Sweden and the United Kingdom in support of Ukraine. The partnership was further strengthened when the British Prime Minister later that year signed a new security deal with Sweden and Finland.

Fyra personer framför en Archer.
Fyra personer framför en Archer.
During the visit to Boden, the British Ambassador to Sweden, Judith Gough, had the opportunity to meet her compatriots in connection to the Archer training. Photo: Viktoria Välilä

Part of this strategically important partnership includes security and defence. The partnership includes Sweden selling 14 Archer wheeled self propelled howitzers to United Kingdom, which, in turn, has enabled the donation of artillery systems AS 90 from United Kingdom to Ukraine.

"Everything changed on February 24, 2022; it is evident. We now have an entirely different security situation in Europe. We must collaborate more closely with each other so that Ukraine can ultimately defend itself, and Russia does not win the war," said Judith Gough, the British ambassador to Sweden, during a visit to Boden.

Archer Training

Since last autumn, soldiers of the Royal Artillery have been trained on the Swedish Archer system. The training has taken place in Boden and at A 8, the Artillery Army School. On the completion of the training, the british ambassador to Sweden, Judith Gough, visited her compatriots to gain a detailed insight into how the partnership between the countries looks.

"It's fantastic to see the Archer training here on site. The collaboration is closer than ever and is important not only for Sweden and the United Kingdom but also for Ukraine."

The Future is Together

The previously established collaboration between Sweden and the United Kingdom through institutions like The Royal School of Artillery and the Artillery Army School has thus been reinforced. With Sweden, United Kingdom and Ukraine now operating the Archer system, it creates synergies on another level.

Artillery is in significant growth with Defence Resolution 20. Finding a strategically important bilateral partner that can combine growth and at the same time help Sweden approach NATO is very positive.

"Together, we can conduct joint exercises and develop not only Archer but also other
capabilities. I also perceive that we have similar capability gaps in combat. High-intensity warfare is once again at the forefront," says artillery inspector Colonel Stephan Sjöberg.