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The news published here are mainly from the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre – SWEDINT. For a complete list of news, please visit the Swedish version of the website.

Marinens fartyg övervakar ständigt det svenska sjöterritoriet. Här bilder från HMS Nyköping från juni 2020.
Maritime surveillance continues amid summer vacation and heat wave 30 June 20202:18 PM

Many of us are now enjoying the warm weather and have perhaps already started our summer vacation. The crews on the navy ships and the personnel in the maritime surveillance centres, however, continue...

Visningsbild för film. Försvarsmaktens intensiva vår.
Exercises, assistance and border protection – the Swedish Armed Forces has had an intense spring 8 June 20201:46 PM

During the ongoing pandemic, the Armed Forces has been assisting the community, while at the same time performing its regular duties, conducting readiness checks, exercising on its own and together...

Grattisfilm för Hemvärnet 80 år.
The Home Guard's 80th anniversary 29 May 20202:09 PM

It was on this day, 29 May 1940, that the Swedish Parliament passed the bill to establish the Home Guard. And so today, the Home Guard celebrates 80 years of service. “The Home Guard is a major and...

Biological diversity thrives thanks to the Armed Forces 29 May 202012:08 PM

The many exercise and firing ranges of the Armed Forces around the country all have high natural values and are home to many different red list plants and animals.

US bombers exercise in Sweden 20 May 20204:41 PM

The Swedish Air Force today conducted a combined air exercise with parts of the US Air Force, an exercise that had been planned for a long time, in which all air force units with fighter aircraft as...

HMS Gotland.
Modified submarine to enhance Swedish striking power in the Baltic Sea 18 May 20202:37 PM

HSwMS Gotland is currently the most modern, silent and efficient submarine in the Baltic and North Seas. Last Thursday, the Swedish Armed Forces and the First Submarine Flotilla received the upgraded...

Gemensam sjömålsstrid.
The Swedish Armed Forces protects our coastline 11 May 202010:30 AM

The Swedish Armed Forces is exercising joint anti-surface warfare in a one of a kind readiness check. The adversary is simultaneously fought from the ground, the sea and the air.

Övningen Northern Coasts 2019 genomförs i södra Östersjön under september. Totalt deltar 30 fartyg från 13 nationer och 4000 sjömän. Sverige deltar med sju fartyg och 400 personer.
This is the reason why the Swedish Armed Forces continues to exercise 5 May 20204:24 PM

Recently, the decision was made to postpone the extensive military exercise Aurora 20, which was planned for May. However, that does not mean that the Swedish Armed Forces is halting all of their...

Rekryt vid Luftstridsskolan övar ned kulsprut 58.
Civilians risk their lives at military firing ranges 29 April 20209:24 AM

The Swedish Armed Forces sees a growing problem with civilians who accidentally or negligently enter military firing ranges during ongoing firing exercises. Despite the fact that it is prohibited as...

Utbildning av personal för hämtning av hemprovtagning covid 19 på P18.
Conscript soldiers assist the Public Health Agency of Sweden in mapping Covid-19 22 April 20202:34 PM

This week, the Public Health Agency of Sweden is conducting a national investigation of the occurrence of Covid-19 among the population. The Swedish Armed Forces is assisting in the collection of...