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The news published here are mainly from the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre – SWEDINT. For a complete list of news, please visit the Swedish version of the website.

Operations planning seminar 2018
Operations planning seminar 2018 24 May 20184:37 PM

Operations planning seminar 2018 (OPSEM 18) will be conducted on 22-24 May 2018 at the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre. OPSEM is an arena where experienced, long term horizon operations...

VIKING 18 UNDERWAY 20 April 20184:13 PM

At SWEDINT, the location for Site Kungsängen, the exercise Viking 18 is going full steam ahead. The aim of the exercise is to train and educate participants – civilian, military and police - to meet...

"Welcome to Viking 18"
"Welcome to Viking 18" 17 April 20186:44 PM

All participants are checked in and ready to take on exercise Viking 18. At nine sites in six countries around 2500 people will work together and do their utmost to handle an international crisis....


Captain Melina Clerc just finished two intensive weeks at the Multinational Tactical Planning Course (MTPC) at SWEDINT. Capt Clerc took part of the course in preparation for a planning process at her...

Marines in mutually beneficial cooperation
Marines in mutually beneficial cooperation 18 January 201810:08 AM

Later this year, 1st Marine Regiment will host a bilateral exercise in the Stockholm archipelago, named “Archipelago Endeavor 18”. The purpose of the exercise is interoperability and cooperation...

Jens Stoltenberg visited NCGM
Jens Stoltenberg visited NCGM 16 January 201810:05 AM

Yesterday NATO Secretary General Mr Jens Stoltenberg visited NCGM and SWEDINT in Kungsängen.

Leadership is key!
Leadership is key! 7 December 20173:26 PM

The yearly Commanding Officers seminar on Gender in Military Operations is underway at NCGM. The three-day seminar focuses on how Commanding Officers, Chiefs of Staff and branch heads can integrate...

European countries learn from each other
European countries learn from each other 8 November 20179:08 AM

Over forty participants from 12 European countries recently gathered in order to exchange experiences and learn from each other about successfully attract, recruit and use personnel with their main...

Integrating a gender perspective
Integrating a gender perspective 27 October 20173:36 PM

Right now this year’s second Gender Adviser course is under way in Kungsängen. Thirty-four instructors and students from nineteen different countries – Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark,...

Aurora 17 has now finished
Aurora 17 has now finished 2 October 20173:36 PM

During Aurora 17, the armed services and the Home Guard have completed training to meet the common objective of defending Sweden. The Armed Forces have also exercised with international partners and...