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Invigning Bergslagens artilleriregemente, A 9
Bergslagen Artillery Regiment is re-established 7 December 202212:44 PM

“I hereby declare the Bergslagen Artillery Regiment, A 9, re-established”. With these words, H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip inaugurated the Artillery Regiment, in front of a packed auditorium in...

Sista operationen Mali 16
Sweden's final UN operation in Mali is concluded 18 November 20223:06 PM

In mid-November, the Swedish Mali Force conducted its final operation within the framework of the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) contribution to the UN Mali mission that began in 2014.

Sverigebilder från Västernorrland
Two individuals charged with espionage 11 November 202212:00 PM

On Friday 11 November 2022, the Public Prosecutor brought charges against two individuals apprehended by the Swedish Security Service in autumn 2021. The individuals are suspected of espionage. One...

The Swedish Armed Forces trains crisis management together with nine JEF nations 7 November 20222:02 PM

A critical situation has occurred in the Arctic and a number of countries must now come together to face the threat. This is one of the exercise scenarios for the exercise Joint Protector that is...

Aurora 17
Rickard Johansson is new Commander of the First Division 18 October 20221:16 PM

The Swedish Armed Forces is growing and is now in the process of creating an army division, something that Sweden has not had for a number of years. Colonel Rickard Johansson has been appointed as...

UK Rangers
Norrland Rangers and UK Rangers side by side 13 October 20223:40 PM

“I´ve got your back!”, the UK ranger shouts, carrying a Swedish wounded ranger. In a unique exercise in northern Norrland, Sweden and the UK have tied closer ties and sharpened their capabilities in...

Baltic Striker 22
Swedish ground units guided UK fighter aricraft 13 October 20222:46 PM

Operation Baltic Striker 22 was conducted over the southern part of the Baltic Sea and Ravlunda shooting range, within the framework of defence cooperation Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF). The...

Stridsvagn 122 och stridsfordon framrycker längs med E18.
More than 26 000 soldiers participate in major Aurora 23 exercise this spring 5 October 202212:29 PM

The Aurora 23 exercise will be conducted from 24 April to 11 May 2023. With more than 26 000 participating soldiers from the army, navy, air force, national home guard and military units from 14...

The Swedish navy is vigilant year-round and around the clock 3 October 20223:22 PM

The serious security situation that we have become accustomed to has further deteriorated following the blasts of Nord Stream pipelines 1 and 2 last week. The Swedish Armed Forces continues to be...

Laura Swaan Wrede
Laura Swaan Wrede new Chief of the National Home Guard 28 September 20224:25 PM

On 30 September, Brigadier General Laura Swaan Wrede will take up office as new Chief of the National Home Guard and become Major General. Laura Swaan Wrede has had a long career in the Swedish Armed...