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The news published here are mainly from the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre – SWEDINT. For a complete list of news, please visit the Swedish version of the website.

Task Force Takuba är en multinationell specialförbandsinsats. Bilden visar specialförbandsoperatörer från andra nationer på plats i insatsområdet.
Swedish senior position in Task Force Takuba 16 September 20213:47 PM

Sweden has accepted a request from France to man the position as Commander of Task Force Takuba, from November 2021 until February 2022, in the French-led special forces mission Task Force Takuba in...

Launch of the  Northern Coasts 21 naval exercise
Launch of the naval exercise Northern Coasts 21 13 September 202112:34 PM

This Monday, the naval exercise Northern Coasts begins. Nearly 2 000 individuals and 28 vessels from 15 nations will participate in the annual Northern Coasts naval exercise that takes place in the...

Therese Naess, Säkerhetspolisen.
Therese Naess new head of national Centre for Cyber Security 10 September 20213:38 PM

Therese Naess is the newly appointed head of the national Centre for Cyber Security, currently under establishment. The Swedish Armed Forces is one of several government agencies concerned.

Uniform på jobbet dagen
Uniform to Work Day 3 September 20213:59 PM

Each year, the Swedish Armed Forces Home Guard celebrates Uniform to Work Day.

Sverige evakuerar civila från flygplatsen i Kabul, Afghanistan
Evacuation from Afghanistan completed 3 September 20212:39 PM

At a press conference on Friday, the Swedish government announced that the evacuation mission has been completed and that all Swedish personnel have now left Afghanistan.

Sverige evakuerar civila från flygplatsen i Kabul, Afghanistan
Swedish personnel unharmed 27 August 20214:05 PM

No Swedish personnel were harmed at Kabul Airport in the explosion in Kabul on Thursday afternoon. All members of the Swedish operation at the Hamid Karzai Airport have been counted and all are...

Luftbron Afghanistan
Airlift to Afghanistan fully operational 27 August 20219:41 AM

The Swedish Armed Forces’ airlift for the evacuation of people from the Afghan capital Kabul is now fully operational, according to plan. Transport aircraft TP 84 Hercules and freighter aircraft...

Jas 39 Gripen startar i mörker.
Fighter and reconnaissance operations from the air 23 July 202110:59 AM

Year round, day and night they stand prepared to protect Swedish borders. For more than 70 years, Swedish Air Force fighter aircraft have maintained incident preparedness.

I juni 2021 deltog HMS Karlstad och en ubåt i den stora marinövningen Baltops. I år var det femtionde gången som övningen genomfördes.
International Baltops 50 exercise concluded 23 June 20212:19 PM

Baltops 50 has been concluded, with good results. Together with a submarine, the Naval Warfare School and the Naval Base, HMS Karlstad participated in the naval exercise that celebrates its 50th...

Stridspilot cyklar till sitt flygplan.
The Swedish Armed Forces takes   additional steps towards a sustainable defence 18 June 20213:40 PM

In 2020, the Swedish Armed Forces’ sustainability efforts contributed to achieving the UN sustainability goals. The previous environmental report has now been upgraded to a sustainability report in...