Sweden's role in the alliance discussed with NATO’s Deputy SACEUR

On 2 and 3 May, Swedish Armed Forces’ Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Michael Claesson, held roundtable talks with Admiral Sir Keith Blount, NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR).

DSACEUR Admiral Sir Keith Blount visited Swedish Armed Forces. Photo: Melina Westerberg/Försvarsmakten
DSACEUR at the wheel. Photo: Melina Westerberg/Försvarsmakten
admiral and general
Admiral Sir Keith Blount and Swedish Armed Forces’ Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Michael Claesson. Photo: Madelaine Sundsgård/Försvarsmakten

"As new allies, we discussed our membership and talked in depth about NATO’s planned objectives and requirements for Sweden. In addition to this, we were able to give a better picture of what it is that Sweden and the Swedish Armed Forces stand for, and which capabilities we bring to the alliance," says Lieutenant General Claesson.

The continued integration of operational planning was also discussed.

In addition to discussions at the Swedish Armed Forces HQ, the visit also included a meeting with Defence Minister Pål Jonson, at the Ministry of Defence, as well as study visits to the Stockholm Marine Regiment, the Fourth Naval Flotilla and the Naval Staff in Muskö.

"Geographically, Sweden is the final piece of the puzzle in the northern flank. We also contribute our knowhow to fight in harsh climate and shallow waters. Our ambition is to enhance security, not only in our vicinity, but for the entire alliance," says Lieutenant General Michael Claesson.