The Department for Operational Support

An important part of SWEDEC’s activities is to support Swedish EOD operations. Our first priority is to support the Swedish Armed Forces; however, supporting the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB and the Swedish Police Authority is also important. The department works in the following areas: Intelligence, Operational Support and Ordnance Technical Intelligence.

The department is yearly responsible for planning and conducting a large EOD Exercise in a comprehensive approach setting, called the Swedish EOD Exercise (SEE).

Intelligence Section

The Intelligence Section produces products which support the mitigation of risk from unexploded ammunition (UXO), mines, and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in the area of responsibility for Swedish troops, nationally and internationally.

Operational Support Section

The Operational Support Section provides support for EOD operations in the Swedish Armed Forces and also to the Swedish Police Authority and the Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The main effort is to provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) during planning, execution, and Lessons Inspection/ Lessons Learned. The Section provides support to the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters and the Swedish Fortifications Agency in planning and execution of clearance operations in Sweden at artillery ranges, training areas, etc.

Ordnance Technology Section

All data collected on ordnance is entered into the EOD IS database (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Information System). The information system is developed and maintained by the Swedish Armed Forces and is administered by SWEDEC. The Swedish Armed Forces developed the database but EOD Information System is shared and used by 14 other countries.
Many of our commissions take place in cooperation with humanitarian organisations such as the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), and various bodies within the UN. SWEDEC gives international support in the area of Physical Security Stockpile Management (PSSM), which involves safeguarding, organising, and documenting ammunition in stores and training national personnel in safety and management.

Swedish EOD Exercise – SEE

Once a year SWEDEC plans and executes a national ordnance clearance exercise called SEE, Swedish EOD Exercise. The purpose of the exercise is to give participating EOD personnel an opportunity to practice their skills in a dedicated EOD exercise with a realistic environment.
In the exercise, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Police Authority, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, and other authorities are trained and tested within a comprehensive approach to EOD matters. Liason between different organisations, coordination, and exchange between units are important goals of the exercise.

Facts Swedish EOD and Demining Centre-Swedec
  • Abbreviation: SWEDEC
  • City: Eksjö
  • Staff: 75