The Guards Regiment is the Swedish Armed Forces' largest unit, and is tasked with a large number of diverse responsibilities running from ceremonial duties to counter intelligence missions.

The regiment trains and contributes military and civilian personnel for national and international missions. Its battalions work in a variety of areas including security threats and woodland and urban warfare. The regiment is also responsible for training Sweden's military police.


  • Regimental staff
  • The Kings Guards Battalion
  • 11th Military Police Battalion
  • 12th Motorised Infantry Battalion
  • 13th Counter Intelligence Battalion
  • SwAF Military Police Unit
  • SwAF International training Unit
  • Swedint
  • Training Support Unit
  • SwAF Music Unit
  • Medical Unit
  • Service Unit Stockholm


The origin of the Guards Regiment can be traced back to 1521 and the body guards to the king to be, Gustav Vasa, during the ongoing Swedish War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark. The regiment celebrated its 500 year jubilee in 2021.