The Research and Development Department

The Research and Development department (R&D) manages and performs research and development in the area of Explosive Ordnance Clearance (EOC), and operations with focus on new technology, operational, tactical and technical procedures to meet military, civil and humanitarian purposes.


SWEDECs Research and Development Department monitors ongoing research and development, on both national and international levels. Interesting technology development will be followed up and new fields of interest will be managed through research commissions at different research institutes.

Technical and tactical requirement for EOC tools are produced to support equipment procurement in order to defeat new threats and meet new technical and tactical procedures. SWEDEC test facilities for various sensors and mechanical demining systems are often visited by international research centers, universities, and industries.

Operational, Tactical and Technical Procedures

SWEDECs Research and Development Department continuously evaluates ongoing and planned operations in order to overcome new threats and new tactical and technical requirements. National and international standards are followed up and implemented.
Standard operational procedures (SOP) and Tactical Technical Procedures (TTP) are produced to meet new requirements.
Technical explosive ordnance information obtained will populate the EOD IS database, a Swedish Armed Forces information system also used by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, The Swedish Police Authority, and various governmental organizations in 14 other countries.
Training scope and objectives to overcome the EOC threat and to meet national and international standards are produced.

Facts Swedish EOD and Demining Centre-Swedec
  • Abbreviation: SWEDEC
  • City: Eksjö
  • Staff: 75