The Training Department

The Training Department at SWEDEC teaches ordnance and mine clearance to the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Police Authority, and civilian personnel. The department is responsible for assuring that personnel who will be working with EOD and demining have the knowledge and skills required to perform the work safely.

The department's assignments  includes training Armed Forces personnel in national and international activities, training Swedish bomb technicians in the Swedish Police Authority, and carrying out safety training with civilians, authorities and companies such as Emergency Services, the Swedish Fortifications Agency and the National Forensics Centre (NFC).

The department offers training in different areas:

  • Mine clearance includes training personnel in the manual clearance of mines and management of mine clearance.
  • Ordnance clearance includes training of personnel in Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD).
  • Management of ordnance clearance, clearance of ammunition on Swedish artillery ranges and training fields.
  • Training of personnel in clearing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and biological and chemical ammunition (Biological and Chemical Munitions Disposal, BCMD).

In addition to carrying out courses, there is continuous development of the different training programmes. SWEDEC supports other training units and schools with staff, information, and other supporting data. The department also carries out the certification of personnel which has been educated in other units in Sweden.

Facts Swedish EOD and Demining Centre-Swedec
  • Abbreviation: SWEDEC
  • City: Eksjö
  • Staff: 75