Finland had the best finish

Now the World Military Skiing Championship in Boden has begun. Tuesday was devoted to training for the participants in all disciplines, but in the afternoon the first competition also was decided. It was the cross country team sprint for both men and women, which was held at Pagla ski stadium.

Germany in the lead. Photo: Anna-Lena Hesse/Swedish Armed Forces
Tough fight for the medals in the men’s competition. Photo: Mats Carlsson/Swedish Armed Forces
The ladies on the podium. Photo: Anna-Lena Hesse/Swedish Armed Forces
The men on the podium. Photo: Anna-Lena Hesse/Swedish Armed Forces

Germany's first team took an outstanding victory by Stephanie Böhler and Denise Herrmann. France's first team finished in second place with Anouk Faivre-Picon and Coraline Thomas Hugue, ten seconds after the winners. Germany won two medals in the team sprint since their other team, with Sarah Schaber and Helene-Therese Hendel, managed to take the bronze medal.

In the men's competition it was a tough fight for the medals. Finland was very strong at the end and won the gold medal by Ristomatti Hakola and Juho Mikkonen, only four tenths of a second before France's first team with Cyril Monteiro Miranda and Paul Goalbre. Switzerland's first team with Roman Schaad and Gianluca Cologna took the bronze medals, seven tenths of a second after the winners.

Tuesday night the opening ceremony was held in the Boden arena, and the 53rd World Military Skiing Championship was declared opened by the Official CISM representative, Navy captain Luiz Carlos Serrano from Brazil.

Results team sprint women

Results team sprint men