Boden and the Garrison

Boden is strategically situated in Norrbotten, the biggest and northernmost county in Sweden. Norrbotten is the only Swedish county sharing a land border with two countries – Norway and Finland.

View over Boden Garrison. Photo: David Kristiansen/Försvarsmakten

Together with the vast natural resources, broad cultural spectrum and vivid contrasts, this gives the county a clearly defined profile. Average weather conditions in march in Boden are temperatures between minus 2 and 11 deegrees celsius.

The county is Sweden’s largest by area and represents about a quarter of Sweden’s total land area. Norrbotten is as big as Austria and ten times bigger than the Swedish county of Skåne.

A quarter of a million people, 2.6 per cent of Sweden’s population, live here in 14 municipalities. Most of them, about 170,000, live in then coastal area within a few dozen kilometres of Boden. If the population density of Norrbotten County was equal to the EU average,12 million people would be living here.

Norrbotten is a county of contrasts – contrasts between winter dark and midnight sun, alpine areas and archipelago, sparseness and city life, and a diversity of cultures.

Boden Garrison

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, Boden Garrison has been an important cornerstone in Sweden’s defence. Boden Garrison is one of Sweden’s largest garrisons and continues to play an important role in producing operational units for both national and international tasks. The garrison includes Norrbotten Regiment, Boden Artillery regiment, Northern Military Region, elements of the Swedish Armed Forces Logistics Organisation and other Support Functions.

Communication facts

The communication possibilities to Boden are very good. There are about 10 flights between Stockholm Arlanda and Luleå on daily ground.

From Lulea Airport, it takes about 30 minutes by car to Boden.

If you prefer train you can leave Stockholm in the evening and arrive in Boden for breakfast. 

Luleå Airport is also a military airport

Contact information WMSC 2023

55:th World Military Skiing Championship
Norrbotten Regiment
P.O. Box 9105
SE-961 19 Boden - SWEDEN

Deputy chairman:
Ola Karvonen
Phone: +46 921 34 81 68,
+46 70 561 03 06

Secretary General:
Peter Harila
Phone: +46 70 693 34 01