Northern Wind is a Swedish Army Exercise conducted in the north-east part of Sweden during march 2019. A total of 10 000 personnel is participating in the exercise. Of these, approximately 7 000 comes from our partner nations: Finland, Norway, USA and Great Britain.

The aim of Northern Wind is to develop Sweden's national defence, and the exercise will enhance Sweden's capability to conduct combat operations at brigade level with units from other nations.

Because the Exercise is being conducted in northern Sweden in a winter climate, it will provide participating units with favourable conditions to enhance their winter warfare capabilities.

During Northern Wind, 192 Mechanized Battalion from the Norrbotten Regiment will conduct refresher training. The Battalion, with its 800 soldiers and officers, is the largest Swedish contribution to the exercise.

Most of the participants come from our priority partner nations: Finland, Norway, the USA and the UK. For this reason, the exercise will further develop our ability to give support to and receive support from other nations, Host Nation Support.

Swedish Army Exercise 2019

The Swedish Army Exercise - Northern Wind - is taking place in northeast Sweden in March 2019.

The exercise has a total of 10 000 participants, of which approximately 7 000 come from our priority partner nations, Finland, Norway, the USA and the UK.