Rules and regulations

The Championship is hosted by the Swedish Armed Forces. Norrbotten Regiment is responsible for the practical arrangements.

Photo: Mats Carlsson/Swedish Armed Forces

Access to the Location of the Competition

The Garrison of Boden is situated 40 km north of Luleå and Luleå airport. The missions are responsible for travel expenses to and from Sweden, Luleå or Boden. The participating missions are requested to arrive at the Luleå airport or Boden railway station. Those teams who arrive by military Plane, also can use Luleå airport. The organizer is responsible for local transportation in Sweden.

Conditions of Stay

During the stay in Sweden the missions will be the guests of the Swedish Armed Forces from 27 March to 1 April 2023. Organizer will not accept earlier arrivals or late departures. Normal board and lodging is at the expense of the organizer. Team captain, coaches, ad libitum and competitors will be accommodated in barracks of the garrison area. Chief of Mission and CISM representatives will be accommodated in hotel rooms. Possible extra persons will be not accredited to the garrison area. Extra expenses must be paid by the consumers.

Biathlon, Cross country and Ski orienteering will take place about 3 kilometers from garrison in the Pagla Ski Centre and Ski Mountaineering competitions about 40 kilometers from garrison in the Storklinten Ski Centre.

Regulations of the Championship

The competitions will be governed by CISM regulations:

Composition of the Mission

A mission for all disciplines will include a total of 36 persons divided as follows:

  • a chief of mission
  • a team captain
  • four (4) coaches
  • two Para coaches
  • one ad libitum
  • four (4) Biathlon male competitors
  • four (4) Biathlon female competitors
  • four (4) Cross Country male competitors
  • four (4) Cross Country female competitors
  • four (4) Ski Mountaineering male competitors
  • three(3) Ski Mountaineering female competitors
  • three (3) Ski orienteering male competitors
  • three (3) Ski orienteering female competitors
  • four (4) Cross Country para-competitors male/female


  • Anti-Doping tests will be organized in accordance with CISM anti-doping regulations.
  • The number of tests will be according to CISM Ski Regulations.
  • The tests will be performed according to the latest WADA Anti Doping Code and Procedures.


The participating missions are permitted and obliged to be in uniform during the stay on the scheduled occasions like in the opening and closing ceremony. We will kindly request that your delegations will bring one (1) national flag and anthem on CD or in a memory stick. The anthem can be sent to organizer by email in mp3 format.

Customs and Visa Procedures

For information on passports and visas for entry into Sweden, please contact the Swedish Embassy in your country.

If you are going to bring in weapons for Biathlon you have to fill in the Form “Declaration for firearms and ammunition” and show them to the custom in Sweden when you arrives. The form is on customs and this Web side.  The responsibility for bringing in weapon is the participating missions.

Weather Conditions

Average weather conditions in march in Boden are temperatures between minus 2 and 11 deegrees celsius.

Registration Forms Deadlines

We kindly request you to use internet registration. You will find the electric forms and guidance information to registration here. If you are not able to use electric registration, it is allowed to send forms by e-mail or fax.

Preliminary Agreement, Annex 1 (before December 23 2022)

Final Entry Annex 2 a, b and c with Composition of Mission and Commitment by the Chief of Mission (before February 24 2023)

Rules for using radio equipment in Sweden

Military radio equipment

If you are planning to use your own radio communication during the event you have to ask for frequency supportability, you must inform us the following:

  • Radio system
  • Which frequencies  and/or frequency band
  • Power output
  • POC (With name and e-mail dress)
  • Nation and command must take into consideration that our Spectrum Management Office (SMO) needs time for coordinating those types of requirements.
  • Please send an e-mail with this information to
    We need this information before date december 15, 2022.

Civilian radio equipment

If you would like to use other than military radio equipment, you have to send your request to the Swedish National Post & Telecom Agency. You can find more information on


All official mail concerning the competition should be sent to:

55:th World Military Skiing Championship
Norrbotten Regiment
P.O. Box 9105
SE-961 19 Boden - SWEDEN
Fax: +46 921 34 86 98

During the game it´s the same address. The visiting address in Boden: Norrbottensvägen 3

Contact information WMSC 2023

55:th World Military Skiing Championship
Norrbotten Regiment
P.O. Box 9105
SE-961 19 Boden - SWEDEN

Deputy chairman:
Ola Karvonen
Phone: +46 921 34 81 68,
+46 70 561 03 06

Secretary General:
Peter Harila
Phone: +46 70 693 34 01