The Swedish Armed Forces will host the 55:th World Military Skiing Championship 2023.

The Swedish Delegation to CISM has the great honor of inviting a mission representing the armed forces of your country to participate in the 55th World Military Skiing Championship, which will be held in the Garrison of Boden from 27 March to 1 April 2023.

The organizing committee has put great energy to arrange decisive competitions and to create the best possible conditions  for the participants. Our hope is that you leave Boden by well-conducted contests with a memory for life  under the motto “Friendship through Sport”.

The Nordic disciplines are held in Pagla Ski stadium. Pagla is located about 3 kilometers from Boden. The Alpine disciplines giant slalom and slalom will not be performed this year but Ski Mountaineering is held in Storklinten, about 35 kilometers from Boden.

If you are going to bring in weapons for Biathlon you have to fill in the Form “Declaration for firearms and ammunition” and show them to the custom in Sweden when you arrives. The form is on customs and this Web side.  The responsibility for bringing in weapon is the participating missions.

Contact information WMSC 2023

55:th World Military Skiing Championship
Norrbotten Regiment
P.O. Box 9105
SE-961 19 Boden - SWEDEN

Deputy chairman:
Ola Karvonen
Phone: +46 921 34 81 68,
+46 70 561 03 06

Secretary General:
Peter Harila
Phone: +46 70 693 34 01