Department of Breeding

Every year around 35 to 40 German shepherd litters are born at the Department of Breeding in Sollefteå. Of these dogs, a number are selected for training to become suitable service dogs in the Swedish Armed Forces or the Police.

16 people work at the Department of Breeding in Sollefteå. They are responsible for planning the breeding, handling the bitches and puppies, recruiting foster parents, placing the puppies in the care of foster parents and providing help and support during the foster parent period.

The department is also responsible for the aptitude tests, and the consequent distribution of approved dogs and the processing of unapproved dogs to new owners.

The dogs are placed with their foster parents when they are 8 to 10 weeks old. They stay here until they are about one and a half years old. During that period the Swedish Armed Forces are responsible for food and veterinary costs.

Breeding operations in Sollefteå have been going on since the summer of 2005. Over the years over 1,300 puppies have been raised. They are constantly working to obtain suitable breeding dogs, primarily through their own breeding programmes.