”A job well done – NBG was really ready to be deployed”

Nordic Battlegroup’s mission – to be ready as a strong contributor to the EU crisis management capability – is now completed.

 - “If feels good to say that the mission now is completed – the Nordic Battlegroup was really prepared and ready to be deployed. The seven countries in the Battlegroup have made a very good team effort”, says the Swedish supreme commander Sverker Göranson, as the standby period for the third Swedish led European Union Battlegroup now is finished.

Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
SPåNG 20141104

Core Bn.
NBG15 övar hela stridsgruppen under Joint Action 14. Deltagare ur alla 7 deltagana länder över i trakterna kring Uppsala, Hagshult, Borensberg och Spång.

Foto: Jimmy Croona / Combat Camera / Försvarsmakten
Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Överste Torbjörn Larsson är chef för Nordic Battlegroup. Colonel Torbjörn Larsson, the Force Commander for Nordic Battlegroup.

Nordic Battlegroup är från den 1 januari 2015 beredd att göra en insats för EU.
Sverige, Estland, Finland, Irland, Lettland, Litauen och Norge bildar tillsammans Nordic Battlegroup.
Fler än 2 400 deltagare från sju olika länder ingår i Nordic Battlegroup.
NBG Force Commander Torbjörn Larsson Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

A high standard for the EUBGs

With seven contributing nations, numerous participants with high individual and combined skills and many exclusive resources like the ISTAR-unit, CBRN-unit, fighter jets, transport and MEDEVAC helicopters and excellent ground forces, the Nordic Battlegroup has for six month been ready to make a contribution to the EU as a part of the EU's crisis management capability.

- “Nordic Battlegroup has set a high standard for the European Union Battlegroups. The expectations on Nordic Battlegroup have been high - from our first preparations and throughout our standby”, says NBG Force Commander Torbjörn Larsson.

Stronger cooperation 

Nordic Battlegroup has made the cooperation between the seven contribution nations stronger on all levels – from the soldier on the ground to leaders in our capitals. The Nordic Battlegroup has also been a clear signal of solidarity and the readiness to be a strong contributor to the EU crisis management capability.

“The northern parts of Europe is getting more and more important and by that also our cooperation. The ambitious effort you have done, all seven nations together, have really made the cooperation between countries stronger – a job well done! says Sverker Göranson.