Sudan – UNMIS

The UN Mission in Sudan, UNMIS, was established 25 March 2005 and covers southern Sudan. The Mission’s strength is being built up and could ultimately reach 10,000 military and civilian personnel.

Mission headquarters is situated in Sudan's capital Khartoum and part of its work is done through a Joint Military Coordinating Office (JMCO) located in Juba in southern Sudan. The Mission was established following the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1590.


According to its mandate, UNMIS is tasked with supporting the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Sudanese government and the rebel movement SPLM/A (Sudanese People's Liberation Movement/Army).

The Swedish staff officers work in the JMCO which is the top level military body engaged in preparing the way for negotiations between the parties. Regular meetings are held under the chairmanship of the UNMIS Force Commander.

The military observers work in teams of 4-7 officers whose task is to monitor and verify the grouping of the various forces (SAF, SPLA & JIU), assisting with development and gathering information about the situation for dissemination throughout the civil community.

UNMIS is largely an integrated mission where military and civilian personnel work side by side in many areas.

The mission was concluded July 9 2011