On 15 March 2009 MINURCAT assumed operational responsibility in Chad and the Central African Responsibility from Eufor, with a mandate that runs to 15 March 2010. Minurcat acts in accordance with UN Charter chapter 7 on acts of aggression.

MINURCAT's task is to assure a safe and secure environment and to deter every form of aggressive act and so make life easier for humanitarian organisations working in the mission area, ensure freedom of movement for UN personnel and NGOs, protect UN personnel, buildings, installations and refugees, forcibly displaced persons and civilians at risk in accordance with Resolution 1861.

MINURCAT should also support international and regional efforts designed to create a safe and stable environment that can eventually help refugees and forcibly displaced persons feel able to return to their places of origin.

In accordance with Resolution 1861 the force in the mission area will be expanded to 5,200 persons with effect from 14 January 2009. In other respects, Resolution 1778 from 25 September 2007 shall apply with regard to the mandate and tasks of the mission.