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The news published here are mainly from the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre – SWEDINT. For a complete list of news, please visit the Swedish version of the website.

US participates in NBG exercise 14 November 20072:11 PM

Sweden is planning to join a multinational partnership to utilise three Boeing C-17 strategic transport aircraft. A C-17 landed at Luleå on Wednesday for trials.

A final check 8 November 20072:26 PM

Since the summer, evaluation has been going on of different parts of the Nordic Battlegroup, NBG. Currently, during the final exercise, the final check is taking place.- We are evaluating all the...

On the way into the operational area 5 November 20073:35 PM

The Nordic Battlegroup’s final exercise has started and the soldiers are on their way into the operational area. In two weeks time the force’s units from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Estonia...

Swedish soldiers boost surgery skills in Afghanistan 11 October 20073:25 PM

David Pazooki, head of the Swedish unit in Afghanistan performing advanced surgery, has been named Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at Balkh University in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Four dead in helicopter crash 13 September 200712:00 PM

Four people have died in a helicopter accident outside Ryd in Småland on Tuesday afternoon. Two military helicopters of the type known in Sweden as Helicopter 9 were involved in a mid-air collision.

Pilots who lost their lives had many flying hours behind them 13 September 200712:00 PM

"We are constantly working on flight safety, always trying to develop preventive measures to minimise the risk of accidents," says Jan Andersson, Chief of Staff Swedish Air Force, in the wake of...

Mikael Odenberg resigns 6 September 20079:27 AM

Reductions in defence materiel costs amounting to SEK 3-4 billion are possible in the longer term, according to the Cabinet Office. This led to the resignation on Wednesday afternoon of the Swedish...

Supreme Commander regrets the Defence Minister's resignation 6 September 20077:00 AM

The Supreme Commander, Håkan Syrén, has issued the following statement regarding Mikael Odenberg's announcement that he is resigning as Defence Minister:

Cooperation for versatility and efficiency 3 September 20077:00 AM

Cooperation across national boundaries for more efficient defence solutions. That is the purpose of the study published today by the Supreme Commander Håkan Syrén and his Norwegian colleague, Chief of...

"The Armed Forces cuts have gone as far as they can go" 28 August 20074:00 PM

"The latest budget cuts will force a reassessment. If resources are reduced, obviously this will affect the job we do." said Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, Håkan Syrén in an interview...