VIKING technical information

The VIKING concept is built upon development and innovation related to the United States and Swedish Persistent Partner Simulation Network (P2SN) concept, defined in an agreement (MoU) signed 2009.

VIKING 11 is a great innovation for new and developed exercise methods and techniques. In the exercise, nine completely new versions of different training supportive softwares have been tested and implemented for use by the training audience and the exercise control.

It has been a great success and many innovations have been a first. The God's Eye map, in the EXONAUT core exercise management system. The SITAWARE web based distributed Common operational picture, using a virtual 3D-environment (VBS2) in order to give the training audience a glance of the environment in the scenario. The integration and federation (P2SN FOM) of systems information exchange. The partial implementation of the new NATO Air Operations Procedures in the Integrated Command and Control System, just to mention a few. 

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