Naval events during the summer

In 2022, several events will take place to celebrate the Navy’s 500th anniversary.

Port visits:

  • 20-21 May Härnösand
  • 23-24 September Malmö

These towns represent important parts of Swedish naval history. During the port visits, the Navy will demonstrate ships, materiel and give the visitors an opportunity to meet and greet the staff. At every port visit, there will also be a small historic display, as well as music performances by the Armed Forces Music Corps.

Events in the garrison cities

3-7 June Stockholm

From 3 to 7 June, several activities are carried out in Stockholm.

This year, Sweden is the host nation for the major international naval exercise Baltops (Baltic Operations). On 3 June, some 40 warships from participating nations will berth in and around Stockholm. Read more about Baltops here

Events in the park Galärparken in Stockholm
On 4 and 5 June, the Navy invites the public to an event in the park Galärparken, outside the Vasa museum. The event is part of the celebration of the Navy’s 500-year anniversary. The event park will be open on Saturday and Sunday, at 10:00 to 16:00.

As a visitor to Galärparken, you will be able to meet our staff, test your strength and physical ability, as well as participate in virtual visits on board our ships. Take part of our history, food culture, materiel and equipment. In the exhibition area are warships, group boats, a demonstration pool, a technical corner, among many other things. You will also be able to try food based on historic recipes. There is also a “miniature Navy” where our youngest visitors can play.

Here is the program:

Saturday 4 June

10.00 - Event area opens

10.30 - Concert with the Navy Music Corps

11.00 - The Vasa pier opens with ships of the veteran flotilla

13.00 - Helicopter show over Strömmen

14.00 - Lecture in the movie tent: Total defence and conscript service

16.00 - Event area closes

Sunday 5 June

10.00 - Event area opens

10.30 - Lecture at the museum of naval history, Sjöhistoriska. The Royal Warship Crew Association: "The defence of Sweden starts at sea".

11.00 - The Vasa pier opens with ships of the veteran flotilla

13.00 - Concert with the Navy Music Corps

14.00 - Lecture in the movie tent: Total defence and conscript service

15.00 - Concert with the Navy Music Corps

16.00 - Event area closes

Unveiling of memorials

Celebrations in Stockholm will be concluded on 7 June, which is the official birthday of the Swedish Navy. On this day, several memorial stones will be unveiled, both in the town of Söderköping (where the Navy gathered for the very first time on 7 June 1522 on the Slätbacke fjard outside Söderköping), and also on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.

Söderköping/Göta Canal

On 6 June, at 09:30, the Navy’s memorial stone will be unveiled in a ceremony in Söderköping.

As part of the celebration of the Navy’s 500th Anniversary, the Clearance Diver Division will carry out a rowing race on the Göta Canal, 3 to 7 June. The race starts in Vadstena and ends in Söderköping, with the unveiling of the memorial. The Clearance Divers’ race teams will stop at the following places:

  • 3 June: Starting in Vadstena
  • 4 June Berg’s locks outside Linköping
  • 6 June Söderköping
  • 7 June at Fiskartorget, Söderköping.


12-14 August Karlskrona

During the weekend in Karlskrona, the Navy Day Open House will be held on Saturday 13 August. The gates will be open for the public and all activities will be demonstrated in their proper environment.

On 12 and 14 August, more historical activities will be carried out in the Örlogsstaden and at the Navy museum. Here, another memorial stone will be unveiled at the Amiralitets Church, on 12 August.

26-28 August Gothenburg

On Friday 26 August, the re-established naval garrison in Gothenburg invites the public to the Garrison Day. On 27 and 28 August, staff will be present at the Gustav Adolf square and Stigbergskajen to meet the public.

Naval visit

27-29 May in Lübeck, Germany

Gustav Eriksson (Vasa) requisitioned Sweden’s first ten warships from the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. To manifest this historic event, the Navy Commander will carry out a naval visit with the Schooner Division to the historic city on 27-29 May.