How to get to the Air Venture

Blekinge Air Wing, F 17, is located in Kallinge, north of Ronneby. Parking will be available but we recommend you to walk, use your bikes or take the bus to and from the air wing in order to avoid traffic jams.

Bus, bikes and walking:

Blekinge local transportation will have a higher frequency of services within Blekinge and to and from the air wing.

  • extra services between Ronneby travel hub and Ronneby Air Wing.
  • extra departures from Växjö with stops in Kallinge.
  • extra services between Kalmar and Karlskrona travel hub for changes to Ronneby.

For time tables, please see carriers’ websites. For those of you who use your bikes, there are bike lanes/pedestrian paths from Ronneby towards Kallinge.

Cars or motorcycles

There will be several parking areas available during the day. Please look for signs indicating “Flygdagen” (Air Venture) and pay attention to police directions.

Road 27 south towards Ronneby, follow directions by traffic officers.

Road E22 east towards Ronneby, take junction 55.

Road E22 west towards Ronneby, take junction 57.

Please note that camper vans, caravans and lorries are not allowed in the parking areas. These vehicles must be parked in the specific parking areas allocated by Ronneby municipality.

Bus from parking areas

There will be buses travelling to and from the air venture area during the entire day.

Disabled parking

There will be a specific disabled parking area near the entrances to the air venture area.