HMS Härnösand in joint exercise with US destroyer in the Baltic Sea

During the Nato summit in Vilnius (11-12 July), Swedish corvette HMS Härnösand took part in a bilateral exercise with US destroyer USS Roosevelt.

US destroyer and sea hawk helicopter
US destroyer and sea hawk helicopter
Baltic Sea cooperation. USS Roosevelt and the ship's Sea Hawk helicopter. Picture taken from HMS Härnösand. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Ship commander and US destroyer in the background
HMS Härnösand Ship Commander, Lieutenant Commander Erik Allerman. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Soldiers on the Swedish ship HMS Härnösand.
Appreciated visit. Eight US sailors visited the HMS Härnösand. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

The exercise took place over two days on international waters in the northern part of the Baltic Sea. The destroyers were exercising anti-submarine warfare and surface combat and live firing.

“The most popular part of the exercise was a cross poll where some of the crew swapped ships for a couple of hours in order to get to know the other unit better”, says Lieutenant Commander Erik Allerman, HMS Härnösand ship commander.

The joint exercise together with a future ally was a success, and afterwards both ships went on to other commitments.