Trident Juncture 18

We safeguard peace and freedom. We take responsibility for our neighbouring region, and contribute to Sweden promoting security in solidarity with others. We also hold regular exercises to reinforce Sweden’s defences, and in autumn 2018 we will be taking part in the Trident Juncture 18 exercise, involving troops from all military forces.

Trident Juncture 18 will enhance the Swedish Armed Forces’ ability to defend Sweden, but it will also reinforce our cooperation with other countries. Photo: Joel Thungren/Swedish Armed Forces

Security is built in solidarity with others, and threats against peace and security are averted in cooperation with other countries or organisations. The capability of acting within the frame of a joint, multinational operation is fundamental for operating in Sweden, in Sweden’s neighbouring region or in missions in more faraway locations. Our cooperation with NATO is key to the enhancement of our capabilities – both nationally and internationally.


Sweden is contributing to Trident Juncture 18 by providing qualified troops from all Swedish Armed Forces combat forces. This exercise will enhance our ability to defend Sweden and our national capabilities, while also strengthening our cooperation with Finland, the US, Norway and NATO. Our naval and air forces will be preparing for their future participation in the rapid-reaction NATO Response Force (NRF) during the exercise, and Army troops will be on exercises to reinforce brigade capability. Host nation support will also be provided to NATO troops based in Sweden during the exercise.


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Trident Juncture 18 is one of NATO’s biggest exercises and will be taking place in Norway in the autumn of 2018. The aim of this exercise is to test the rapid-reaction NATO Response Force (NRF). It comprises a troop exercise which will be taking place between 25 October and 7 November, and a command exercise which will be taking place from 14 to 23 November.

Två soldater från Ledningsregementet bemannar infartspost till en av de många stabsplatserna som kommer upprättas under Trident Juncture 18.

Pictures from Trident Juncture 18

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