Defense Exercise Aurora 23 is finished

Defence exercise Aurora 23 saw extensive participation of international partners who in a major way contributed to achieving the objectives on all levels of the exercise. Public agencies and other actors participated in some features of the exercise, which all obtained a good result on the local level. All of this is presented in the First Impression Report by the Exercise Evaluation Group (Exeval group).

helikopter firar ner soldat i havet
Photo: Försvarsmakten

"Defence exercise Aurora 23 was carried out in a competent and safe manner. The participants and the Exercise Command have all demonstrated great committment and will to obtain the objectives of the exercise", says Gunnar Karlsson, Head of the Exeval Group.

The report emphazises the high level of priority of safety during the exercise, which is likely to have contributed to the lack of serious accidents and casualties.

According to the evaluation report, the exercise was skilfully commanded, and cooperation with the live operational command has worked seamlessly. Aurora 23 was conducted and adjusted to live events outside the scope of the exercise as for example the evacuation from Sudan, and the need for coordination with the Polish exercise Anaconda.

The report is based on observations, reports and documents. A more thorough analysis of the exercise will be presented later this year.

"I’m incredibly pleased with the exercise. The positive attitude and professional approach of all participants have been decisive for the success of the exercise. We were really able to demonstrate that we can manage cross-border cooperation and work together to defend our values", says Exercise Commander Stefan Andersson.