Aurora 23 has been launched

Defence exercise Aurora 23 has now been launched. With the arrival of the US Marine Corps across the border from Norway into Sweden and the town of Östersund yesterday, the exercise was formally initiated.

Heavy US vehicles crossing the border from Norway to Sweden
Heavy US vehicles crossing the border from Norway to Sweden
The US Marine Corps arrived in Sweden yesterday. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Heavy vehicles crossing the water.
On 18 April, the vehicles were transported across the water in Sveg. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

Main focus has been aimed at the first exercise feature, which is Host Nation Support (HNS), i.e. the ability to receive and support foreign units that will assist Sweden in case of a critical situation. The Swedish Armed Forces and the Road Safety and Transport Agency conducted transports across water, together with the US Marine Corps, in the town of Sveg on Tuesday.

“We have conducted various exercise features linked to HNS. We have also facilitated the operational transports and subsequent logistics support, protection and surveillance”, says Kenneth Johansson, Exercise Director of the exercise feature conducted in Sveg.

The exercise scenario is that the southern parts of Sweden are subjected to an armed attack, following sabotage and various influence operations.