World elite skiers gather in Boden

The World Military Skiing Championship will be held in Boden from 27 March to 1 April. Many of the elite skiers belong to their respective nation’s armed forces, and many well-known stars are due to participate. Over 300 skiers will be competing in cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski orienteering and Ski Mountaineering.

Skiers racing up a hill.
Skiers racing up a hill.
The World Military Skiing Championship is to be held in Boden, from 27 March to 1 April. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Female ski star from Sweden.
Elvira Öberg, Sweden. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
French skier.
Fabien Claude, France. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

The games will be carried out in the terrain surrounding the ski stadium Pagla in Boden and at the Storklinten Winter Sports Grounds.

Among others, the audience will be able to see biathlon skiers Elvira Öberg, Sweden, Simon Eder, Austria, Chloe Chevalier and Fabien Claude, France.

Cross-country skiers include Jules Chappaz, France and Katherina Hennig and Victoria Carl from Germany.

There are also several Swedish skiers, including Viktor Brännmark and Erik Granström, Piteå Elit, and siblings Evelina and Rasmus Wickbom from Boden, who are included in the world elite of ski orienteering.

The world top ranked stars in Ski Mountaineering, Emily Harrop and Thibault Anselmet from France, are both participating.

The games are hosted by Norrbotten Regiment, with support from Boden Artillery Regiment, and in cooperation with the International Military Sports Council, CISM.

Contact information WMSC 2023

55:th World Military Skiing Championship
Norrbotten Regiment
P.O. Box 9105
SE-961 19 Boden - SWEDEN

Deputy chairman:
Ola Karvonen
Phone: +46 921 34 81 68,
+46 70 561 03 06

Secretary General:
Peter Harila
Phone: +46 70 693 34 01